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The Therapy of Massage

Professional Massage Therapy School

Educational Objectives For Tantric Massage

The Therapy of Massage The Professional Tantric Massage Therapy program is designed to prepare the adult learner to meet the requirement for entry level employment as a tantric massage therapist in their private practice or in the offices of physicians, chiropractors, acupuncturists, health spas, and physical therapists.

Emphasis is placed on law and ethics, medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, and principles of therapeutic tantric massage. Therapeutic modalities as adjuncts to Swedish Massage, connective tissue massage, Shiatsu, tantric massage, reflexology, sports massage, and spa therapy techniques - .
Today, tantric massage is one of the most popular and sought after among both men and women. This is not surprising, since not only the male sex in the modern world works hard and gets tired, but the woman - business - lady working less. And so they also want to relax in the experienced hands of a master - masseur.

Professional Duties Of Tantric Masseuse

The Tantric Massage Therapist graduate will be skilled in the science and art of Swedish massage. Other techniques, shiatsu, Tantric massage and reflexology will be covered in the program.
The duties include skilled manipulation or treatment of the clients soft tissue and connective tissue through skillfull pressing, touching, rubbing of the client with the intent to help the client to achieve a positive emotional effect and assist in stress reduction. The goal is to enhance the physical and mental well-being of the client. The massage therapist is a bodyworker who provides Tantric massage therapy.
Sexual arousal is awakened through massage is not just some points, but the entire body must also affect the genitals. The most classic version, when in the course of tantric massage participant patient lying face down, and the girl is on top and slide it through the body, touching the thighs, chest and hands erogenous zones. Massage is also important to relax the person as a dream, which by the way also not be forgotten. Despite all this, we should note the important fact that our sleep depends on why we sleep, so it is important to choose and buy a mattress.
More recently, we did not know that such a Thai massage and what it represents, and meanwhile Thai masseuses have long enjoyed great popularity in the world. And it should be noted that is synonymous with Thai massage tantric massage, as they are almost identical. Currently, in order to get the services of tantric massage or Thai you do not need to go to the east, as the art of this type of massage and come to our country. The best salons in London offer tantric massage services at the best prices. But now we talk a little bit about the massage and how it is carried out.
  • Erotic Massage - Great Art Of Pleasure

    In our showroom you will have to wait for tenderness, female sensitivity, as well as a fantastic feeling that you can hardly forget. Erotic massage by holistic rabbi is the true excitement, which alternates with complete relaxation, surrounded by perfect forms and beautiful interior. So try to forget about the reality of everyday life, treat yourself to erotic massage, let it be a little secret, a pleasure. Our masseuses will provide you with several types of massage, and then everyone chooses what is closer to him. We are professionals, so we know how to satisfy all our customers individually.

    Romantic and enchanting music, a touch of elastic body and delicate fingers, as well as a charming fragrance oils from the stunning, certainly able to create its mystery and atmosphere. Since ancient times, it is known that the erotic massage - is not only a way for fun, but also a procedure that is useful to human health. In order to get a true pleasure for the whole body, it is important that you are completely distracted from the outside world, from all the worries and hassles, indulging your emotions, you will certainly be able to enjoy the process. Our salon erotic massage - is a unique place where you can get the real pleasure and experience the unique feeling.

    The main condition for the implementation of quality and effective massage is considered - the permanence and continuity of movement, in which pleasure will grow with each passing minute, the end result you reach the very peak. Also, our experienced masseuse will be able to perform this procedure all over, in other words, there are involved not only hands, but also the lips, stomach, and many other parts of the body.

    Program Length

    The length of the program is 720 clock hours / 30.5 credit units. Day and evening class schedules are available.

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